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Create Chatbots with your data

Just connect your data sources and get a ChatGPT-like chatbot for your data. Then add it as a widget to your website or chat with it through our integrations or API.

Build Your Chatbot

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Flexible Backend

Power Your Chatbot with Versatile Backend

  1. Personalize chatbot training with your data

  2. Directly integrate your custom model endpoint to the chatbot widget

  3. Utilize our medical chat human model to build medical chatbots

  4. Create medical chatbots for animals using our medical chat vet model

Tailored Interface

Tailor your chatbot with great flexibility

  1. Make sure your chatbot reflects your brand's personality through tailored guidance

  2. Train your chatbot with text in various formats

  3. Train your chatbot with video or audio inputs

  4. Integrate the FAQ link directly into the chatbot widget

  5. Give your chatbot a seamless website integration by personalizing its colors and logos

  6. Integrate your chatbot with your preferred third-party tools.

  7. Protect your public chatbots with rate limiting

Analytics Tool

Understand your users

  1. Configure your chatbot to gather leads for future follow-ups

  2. Gain insights into conversations happened in your chatbot

  3. Discover the geographical distribution of your user base

Advanced Features

Unlock exclusive advanced features at our unbeatable price point, found nowhere else.

  1. Escalating the conversation from the AI chatbot to human support is available.

  2. Rebrand our chatbot as yours for resale

  3. Automatically sync product and inventory updates from your Shopify or WooCommerce store for up-to-date query responses.

  4. Nest multiple chatbots into a single one to create a powerful super chatbot.

  5. Using AI to humanize your text content with one click, reducing AI-like footprints

  6. Automatically crawl and analyze the AI-like footprint of your websites, then apply fixes to humanize them.

We Integrate With

  • Internet
  • Discord
  • Slack
  • Whatsapp
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce
  • Zendesk
  • Zapier
  • Make
  • Wordpress

Video Demo

Demo of creating a Product Hunt AI widget with one-line of code by crawling the website.

Chat Data Demo Video Thumbnail

Zapier Integration

Chat Data - VS - Competitors

FeatureChat DataCompetitors
Support Live Chat EscalationYesNo
PriceGuranteed to be lowest(We do price match)More Expensive
White-LabelFully Customizable InterfaceLimited Customization
Voice interaction availableWe support 519 voices and 152 international localesTypically unavailable
Transparency In Extracted TextWe Display Extracted Text From PDFs or WebsitesThey Do Not Disclose Extracted Texts
JavaScript-based Website CrawlingYes, We Crawl Sites With Dynamic JavaScript RenderingNo, They Are Limited To Static Websites.
Customize BackendAllow Your BackendBackend Cannot Be Customized
Nested ChatbotsWe enable you to link your chatbots into a unified, powerful chatbot.Not offered
Third-party IntegrationYes, We Support Various Integrations (e.g., Slack, Discord)Limited Third-Party Integrations
Chat History OwnershipOpt out of chat history accessNo such an option
Support WebhooksYesNo
ActionsAppoitments, Article Links, Leads FormsNo
Real-time users monitoringMonitor users interacting with your chatbot in real timeNo

Our Medical Chat models are 100% HIPAA compliant

Employing industry-standard data encryption

No chat history is retained with our Medical Chat models

GDPR complianceSOC compliance

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